Members present and who also contributed a founding fee to start the church were as follows:

A Quick Review

As we pause to celebrate yet another milestone in the history of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Worcester, MA. USA, we must be mindful of the presence of the Almighty God who held our hands on this journey through the bright as well as the dark days. Thanks be to God for there were many glorious and joyous moments which brought us this far. May His name be praised.

With the shared dream of having a Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Worcester, three people from the First Presbyterian Church of USA in Worcester, Ernest Mante, Victoria Yaa Yaa Danquah and Jimmy Dwobeng together communicated the idea to other members who worship with First Presbyterian Church on May 27, 1999.

This was preceded by preparatory work as well as fervent prayer meetings until the Lord granted them the opportunity to hold their first church service which was officiated by Elder Ernest Mante in the house of Elder Victoria Danquah on June 29,1999.

Mr. Ernest Mante


Mr. Jimmy Dwobeng


Mrs. Victoria Danquah


Mr. Harry Reylonds

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Asamoah Apenteng

Financial Secretary

Mr. Ken Opoku Odame

Mrs. Sussie Reynolds

Ms. Elizabeth Fosuah

Ms. Magaret Fosu

Mrs. Abena Mansa Odame

Mrs. Hawa Smith

Ms. Dora Boamah

Mrs. Lydia Mante

Ms. Justina Rose Oduro

Mrs. Victoria Dwobeng

By the grace of God, on July 4, 1999, the members had their first Divine service at the Holiday Inn. Reverends A.A. Aboagye and A.K. Kwaa were invited to officiate. Rev. Aboagye preached the sermon and Rev. Kwaa assisted him to give Communion. Members from the PCG, Manhattan and Bronx were also invited to grace the occasion.

After the second Sunday worship at the Holiday Inn on July 11, 1999 they were granted permission to use the Lincoln Village Pool house for worship . Rev. Kwaa baptized two children during this period.


The congregation was led by Mr. Ernest Mante, Ms. YaaYaa Danquah, and Mr. Jimmy Dwobeng. On January 10, 2000, Mr. Mante suggested at a congregational meeting that they choose some members from the founding members to form IMC to oversee the day to day administration of the Church.  Members present agreed and Mr. Harry Reynolds, Mr. Asamoah  Apenteng , Mrs. Abena Mansa Odame, Mrs. Victoria Dwobeng, Ms. Justina Rose Oduro,and Mr. George Asiamah were chosen.


Mrs. Abena Mansah Odame and friends started the Singing Band, while Mrs. Victoria Annan and Mrs. Comfort Boadu also encouraged the women to start the Women’s Fellowship which they adhered to and a few women got together and formed the Women’s Fellowship. This attracted a lot of people into the congregation resulting in the growth of our membership. Currently we have the following groups in the congregation in addition the Women’s Fellowship and Singing Band.  Church Choir, Men’s Fellowship, Young Peoples’ Guild, Women’s Fellowship the Bible Study and Prayer Group and Soul Revival.


Every Sunday 8am - 9:15am

Every Sunday 9:30am - 12:45pm


The term member is not used in the Bible (neither is trinity) but the concept of commitment certainly is. The word partnership is used and that is a very good way of understanding membership. In Philippians 1:5 Paul wrote, ``I thank my God for your partnership in the Gospel.`` He knew Philippi's committed people were what caused the church to succeed. Throughout the Bible believers were identified with a local church whether in Corinth, Ephesus, Colossae or other cities. One of the major themes of the Bible is commitment and there is no better way to commit than becoming a member of a church.



Rev. A.K. Kwaa kept visiting and worshiping with members every first Sunday of the month to baptize children and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Rev. A. A. Aboagye and some members from New York also visited in Febuary 2000.


The congregation celebrated her 1st Anniversary in July 2000. Rev. Yaw Nkansah from Virginia was invited to officiate. Sister congregations from New York were also invited to participate in the celebration.


Beginning October 1999 they were asked by the Management of Lincoln Village to stop using the pool house because it was a temporal offer. A place of worship became a difficult. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Odame offered the basement of their house as a place of worship. Members continued meeting in their basement until the First Presbyterian Church granted them permission to use their sanctuary from1-3 p.m. After discussing this new arrangement with members they all agreed to move to Holden Street on November 10, 1999.


The Very Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh came to the United States in November 2000 to visit the Presbyterian Churches and the Overseas Mission Field we intended to form. We took the opportunity to invite him to visit the congregation in Worcester. Due to the rate of our growth, as well as recommendations he had received from Rev. A.A. Aboagye and Rev. A.K. Kwaa about the potential of having a great Church in Massachusetts, the Moderator decided to induct the Session and a Catechist on his visit.  The Moderator commissioned members of the IMC as Session and Mr. Mante  as the first Caretaker. He also advised Mr. Mante  to forward his CV (Resume) to the head of office for consideration to attend SMT in Ghana. Mr. Mante went to Ghana for a short training and was commissioned as a Minister at Nsawam Presbyterian Church. He then came back to Worcester to serve as the First Minister.

Rev. Mante led the congregation for two and half years, from December 2002 to July 2005. However, due to some disagreements between him and some members of the Session, his Pastoral role was withdrawn by the General Assembly Council of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. A four-member Interim Management Committee (IMC) was appointed to run the affairs of the congregation. They were: Mr. Alfred Bosompem, Mrs. Abena Mansa Odame, Mr. Kwadwo Acheampong, and Mr. Jimmy Dwobeng. Mr. Dwobeng resigned and Mr. Asamoah Apenteng replaced him until Rev. Dr. Gyang Duah was sent to the United States to take charge of the Oversees Mission Field, and therefore controlled the affairs of the church afterwards.

In September 24, 2005, the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong Manso, the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev. Dr. Charles Gyang –Duah, and the Dierctor of Ecumenical and Social Relations, Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete Nyampong paid an official visit to the congregation. In the same year Rev. C.B. Ahwireng, Catechist E.A. Abboah Offei, and Mr. S.A. Asare also visited.

The congregation elected new Session members to replace the IMC in the same year. They were as follows: Mr. Asamoah Apenteng, Mr. Ken Opoku Odame, Mr. Alfred Bosompem, Mr. George Kumi, Mr. Kwadwo Acheampong, Mr. Kwasi Gyang, Miss Alberta Botchway and Nana Amponsah Asamoah. Between 2007 and 2008, four of them resigned leaving Mr. Ken. Odame, Mr. George Kumi, Miss Alberta Botchway and Mr. Alfred Bosompem. Mr. Bosompem left for Ghana in October,2009.  Mr. Samuel Boadu, Mr. David Odjabu, and Miss Victoria Opoku  replaced the Session members and Mr. Opoku Korateng was co-opted as the clerk of the Session.

At a point the congregation arranged with the Head Office for a minister to be sent from Ghana to take over the leadership of the congregation. Due to visa problems, the arrangement did not go through. Upon hearing that Rev. Mrs. Ernestina J. Gakpo was in Lexington, Kentucky, Rev. Dr. Charles Gyang-Duah advised the Session to contact her. The Session did contact her and she agreed to relocate to Worcester to be in-charge of the congregation. The family arrived in Worcester on December 22, 2006 and she has been the Resident Minister since then.

On May 27,2007 the congregation was inaugurated and Rev. Mrs. Ernestina Gakpo was duly inducted. Rev. Dr.Charles Gyang-Duah performed the ceremony and was assisted by Rev. Eric Ami –Narh and Rev. Yaw Atta Edu-Bekoe. Members from sister congregations were also in attendance. The congregation moved to her own place of worship at 49 Lafayette Street May 4, 2008.

On May 15, 2016, the Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Martey, Moderator of the PCG assisted by Rev. Herbert Anim Opong, Chairperson of the North America and Australia Presbytery, Rev. Kwadwo Owusu Sarpong, Chairperson of the Brong Ahafo Presbytery and Rev. Mrs. Ernestina J. Gakpo, District Minister of the PCG New England District/Minister-in-Charge of the PCG Mount Zion Congregation, dedicated the Cathedral located at 5 Chestnut Street in Worcester, Massachusetts and also named the PCG Worcester Congregation the PCG Mount Zion Congregation. In attendance were some reverend ministers of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in the United States, Catechist Dr. E.A. Abboah-Offei, Grace Congregation, Akropong, Akuapem, Ghana and other pastors from other Ghanaian Churches in Worcester. On that day the PCG Mount Zion Congregation received a congratulatory citation from the Massachusetts State Senate. Some State representatives as well as the City of Worcester politicians worshipped with PCG Mount Zion.

The PCG Mount Zion Congregation’s number was 16 in 1999. Currently, the number of regular members including children is 454. May God bless the PCG Mount Zion Congregation of Worcester, the North American and Australia Presbytery and the entire Presbyterian Church of Ghana.  Ebenezer – “nea Onyame aboa yen abedu ni”. This is how far the Lord has brought us. May His name be glorified. Amen!

The congregation decided to affiliate with PCUSA but upon informing the Head office, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey who was at a conference in New York at that time was asked by the Moderator to visit the Session to find out what prompted that decision. On May 6, 2008, he and some OMF council members in addition to Rev. Yaw Asiedu visited the Session. Later Rev. Dr. Charles Gyang-Duah also visited. He and the Head Office encouraged members to remain as PCG congregation.

With the help of a member of the congregation, Mr. George Asiamah, who used his credit to acquire two buildings one on April 16, 2004 which is the Manse and the other on February 13, 2007 which is the place of Worship. In addition, he also bought a used car for temporary use by the resident Minister. With assistance from another member, the congregation also purchased a 15-passenger van on October 6, 2009.

We say a big thank you to the founding members as well as those who are working very hard and tirelessly for the growth, spiritual development, and support for the Worcester Congregation.

From December 2006 to date the following are the Ministers who have visited us: Rev. Dr. Charles Gyang-Duah( District Minister, OMF), Rev. Anim Tete (Director of Finance), Rev.Prof. Emmanuel Martey (Chairperson, Ga Presbytery), Rev. W.N.B. Appiah (Western Presbytery Chairperson), and Rev. Dr. Kwame Amoa-Kumah (Pastor, Bronx)

There were revival programs and those who were invited over the years were as follows:  Opanyin Kwadwo Kyere, Evangelist Samuel Afoakwa, Rev. Dr. Kwame Amoa-Kumah and Mr. S.A. Asare.

We are happy to announce that in April 2009, 10 of our brothers and sisters who left because of the misunderstanding among members in 2005 came back and they are now full members of the Worcester congregation. We are making every effort to talk to the rest so we can all come together to worship our Lord and Savior. For the past 3 years our membership has grown steadily.