God works in mysterious ways and with God everything is possible. There are many ways God uses to propagate His message to his people. Here were 2 women who never met before but only knew each other through the New York prayer phone line. Miles apart Mrs. Constance Asiedu of PCG-Manhattan and Mad. Martha Appiah of Springfield became friend, it was on one of their casual phone conversation the discussion came up, if there was a PCG in the Springfield area. However after Mrs. Asiedu learnt there was no PCG in the Springfield area, she promised to help her start a congregation in Springfield if she was interested. Mad. Martha Appiah then discussed the suggestion with his husband Mr. Collins Owusu and both agreed to start PCG congregation in Springfield MA. Upon agreement they contacted the New England District minister Rev. Mrs. Ernestina Gakpo and a date was set to formally meet for the first time to see how this conceived dream could become a reality. After a series of phone calls to friends in the area, they agreed to attend our introductory service

On November 24, 2013 the first meeting of the PCG-Springfield was held in my living room at 526 Grayson drive in Springfield MA. Members present at the introductory service were; Mr. Collins Owusu, Mad. Martha Appiah, Mad. Dora Boaten-Adusei, Mrs. Ama Kyereme, Mr. Agyapong, Mad Ama Kyerewaa, Mad Abena Etur and Mr. Francois Niamke. The following people from the then PCG-Worcester and now mount Zion Congregation were in attendance as well; Rev. Mrs. Ernestina Gakpo, and her husband Mr. Christian Gakpo, Nana Kwame Okyere-Tawiah and a few other members. Proverbs 24:3 says, “By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established”. It was that faithful day and time that we all agreed with understanding that we formed this congregation. Our district minister gave the sermon on that day. After the initial service, Rev. Gakpo appointed 3 dedicated members from the Worcester congregation to worship with us every Sunday and also support us in this spiritual journey. Routinely other members also visited as well. In the subsequent weeks, months and years to come new members joined the congregation.

In March 2014, the congregation moved the worship venue from 526 Grayson Dr to Commerce High School in Springfield, we worshiped at this establishment for about 6 months, and on October 5, 2014 we moved to our current location at 361 Sumner ave. Springfield, where the grace of the Almighty Lord we have worshiped for the last 2 years

On March 13, 2016 we had our session leader’s election, 6 session leaders with a caretaker were elected and on April 24, 2016. Our district Minister inaugurated and commissioned these session members to assume their roles in the congregation.

We will like to use this opportunity to thank everyone that took this spiritual journey with us. Those who through their wisdom joined us in prayers those who visited, all this propelled us to where we are today. 1st John 15:16 says “you did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the father in my name, he may give it to you. PCG – Springfield congregation thank the almighty God for calling us into his kingdom, his grace, and his guidance throughout this period.

Secondly we want to thank our district Minister Rev. Mrs. Ernestina Gakpo for taking quick action when she received a call from Mrs. Constance Asiedu and Mad. Martha Appiah. We thank her for her leadership and her vison for PCG – New England District. We will also like to thank Mr. Benjamin Tekpe, Mrs. Gina Obeng-Mensah, and Mad. Betty Berko, they have been with us every Sunday from the beginning. We thank them for their selfless devotion to the work of God and to our congregation.

We will like to also thank Cat Benbel Nana Owusu, Rev. Kwabena Adom-Sefa, Mr. Mr. Prince Asare, Mr. Kofi Kyei, Mr. Mr. Edmund Adem, and Mad. Nana A. Asamoah and all the preachers who visited us over last few years, we say God Bless you all. We will also like to thank the following church groups, district/Worcester YPG, men’s fellowship, women’s fellowship and all other groups. Special thank you to individuals who donated hymn books, offertory bowl/stand, and the entire mount Zion congregation for help us with our initial rent. We also thank Pastor John Mueller, Wendy Freels, and the board of trustees of Trinity United Methodist Church for giving us this place of worship. Once again we thank all the churches in the England District for their help both spiritually and physically.

Finally we will like to thank all the members of the Springfield congregation for their devotion and commitment to the work of God. We hope the lord will strengthen us in our journey to expand the work of God. May the Good Lord help us all, Amen


The term member is not used in the Bible (neither is trinity) but the concept of commitment certainly is. The word partnership is used and that is a very good way of understanding membership. In Philippians 1:5 Paul wrote, ``I thank my God for your partnership in the Gospel.`` He knew Philippi's committed people were what caused the church to succeed. Throughout the Bible believers were identified with a local church whether in Corinth, Ephesus, Colossae or other cities. One of the major themes of the Bible is commitment and there is no better way to commit than becoming a member of a church.



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