In the fall of 2013, Mrs. Vida Ofori- Amo mooted the idea of starting a PCG in New Haven, CT.  She discussed this idea with Harriet Acquah, also a staunch PCG member from Ghana, at an event in Hartford. Harriet mentioned one Mr. Abrokwa, of the Orange County congregation in New Jersey, who in turn hinted them of the upcoming elevation/erection of Reverend Mrs. Ernestina Gakpo in Worcester, MA. Vida decided to go and witness this elevation with her mother, Grace Boateng. Mr. Abrokwa was at this elevation and he introduced Vida to the Moderator of PCG and other Pastors, including Reverend Ernestina Gakpo.  Vida then spoke to Rev. Ernestina Gakpo of her idea, and she gave her blessings to it.

On November 17, 2013, the first group of the congregation comprising Mrs. Vida Ofori-Amo, Mrs. Docia Anim Asempah, Mr. Gabriel Ofori-Amo, and Mrs. Martha Boateng met at 64 Thompson Street, #A208, East Haven for the first service from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The following week saw Alex Boateng, Mrs. Comfort Appenteng Aye,  Harriet Acquah, Samuel Osei, Patrick Mantey,  Adwoa Saka, and Jennifer Kumah at the new Church. The Reverend Pastor Ernestina Gakpo also came with a contingent of about 15 members from the Worcester PCG Congregation  to visit the new Church also in November and gave the first Communion in December. She has been visiting the Church almost every month to preach the sermon and to give Communion. In June 2014, the Church moved to the American Legion Post 127, in Orange, CT. Church services were held here for a month, and a new place was found at the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church on 28 Church Street, West Haven, and we moved over. The Church now has 22 members, comprising 14 Females, 8 males; 12 permanent members, 10 on and off members, and 7 children.

“It has always been our passion to have a Presbyterian church of Ghana established in CT. We give thanks to the Almighty God for making our vision come true.”

We cannot conclude this history without thanking our brothers and sisters who come from Worcester to assist and encourage us at every Sunday worship/service. Special mention go to Messers Ernest Mante and  Edward Nsiah, who drive here every Sunday . May God bless them, and give them back all that they have lost. Our sincere thanks also go to the Men’s Fellowship of PCG Worcester who visited us one Sunday and donated drums for our worship. Last, but not the least, the Women’s Fellowship from Worcester, who also donated to the Church two Offering bowls.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.



The term member is not used in the Bible (neither is trinity) but the concept of commitment certainly is. The word partnership is used and that is a very good way of understanding membership. In Philippians 1:5 Paul wrote, ``I thank my God for your partnership in the Gospel.`` He knew Philippi's committed people were what caused the church to succeed. Throughout the Bible believers were identified with a local church whether in Corinth, Ephesus, Colossae or other cities. One of the major themes of the Bible is commitment and there is no better way to commit than becoming a member of a church.



Every Sunday 12:30pm - 3pm


ADDRESS: 28 Church Street
West Haven, CT 06510

PHONE: 203-694-1981/203-684-5294